Poetic Summary of the 120th English Weekend
Words: Dr. Bernd Neumann, 3 January 2019, (slightly adapted)



Dear friends, what was new at the Burns Supper now?
We celebrated at Friedensau.
And what is special here in this place?
It belongs to the Adventists of the seven days.
These people are often vegetarians, you know -
could we have there our haggis show?
But Lothar said Yes and he ordered the food
And as always the haggis was very good.
But not only the haggis, neeps and tatties as well
And inspite of the whisky, noone went to hell.
A lot of students came together again,
As of Scotland and poetry you can be a fan.
We've learned a lot, our three teachers were great
and lots of interesting lessons were made.
About Scotland, the Scots and Robert Burns we were learning
So to visit this country again we are yearning.
But first: Learn the Burns Poems, they are plenty.
So we will meet here again in 2020